Just a quick follow up – my last presentation was awesome! The group was extremely engaged, all seemed to enjoy the presentation and appreciate the tips I gave them.
- Email from current client

The company has asked me to do additional webinars; they have gotten positive feedback from participants. They hinted that it was one of the best marketing tools they have developed.
- Email from current client

I blew them away. Literally, they said that.
- Email from current client

Last night we had another evening event, and a man found me and said "Hey, I saw you at the MK Nature Center and need to tell you that you did such a great job speaking! Your love for your work really comes through!"
- Email from current client

I’m super pleased with how things are coming together. All your hard work and dedication are taking us to a new level – I am certainly grateful for you!
- Email from current client

She's very knowledgeable! She's also very willing to answer questions - created a good learning environment. Thanks!
- 2011 Idaho Nonprofit Center workshop attendee

I can really use this info immediately, in all aspects of life.
- 2011 Idaho Nonprofit Center workshop attendee

I am now a graduate student en route to getting my PhD in Latin American literature. Since taking Nancy’s class, I’ve had to give dozens of talks from research paper presentations to leading panel discussions with Latin American cinematographers. I’ve taken her message to each of these events, after learning from Nancy that the main goal of public speaking is to convey much needed information for an eager audience and that fear shouldn’t get in the way of academic exchange.
- Kayla Paulk, Stanford, class of 2010 - PhD student, Stanford, Latin American literature

Nancy did a wonderful job helping me find my comfort zone in a scary territory, while encouraging me to stretch my limits. Her positive attitude and belief that anyone can master delivering a speech to a substantial audience did not allow my frustration to hold me back even once.
- Stanford, class of 2011

As a person with a serious disability who uses a wheelchair, Nancy recognized that public speaking is physically difficult for me: the anxiety of speaking aggravates my disability, making gestures, and speech itself, difficult. She provided me with a comfortable, supportive atmosphere, detailed and helpful guidance regarding the organization of my speech, and instruction in methods to abate my anxiety in order to create, and deliver, an effective presentation.
- Fiona Hinze, Stanford, class of 2011

When I had to give a presentation at a poster session for research I did in Computer Science last summer, I went back to the things I learned from Nancy and it quite literally paid off: a recruiter from a Silicon Valley company who was at the presentation later asked me for a job interview, mentioning my presentation specifically as the reason for my recruitment. It's a testament to Nancy that I not only developed a useful skill, but also very much enjoyed developing it.
- Jonah Brown-Cohen, Stanford, class of 2012

I don't think you realize how big of an impact you had in my life. I just recently presented research on a project that I was working on and I WAS SO INCREDIBLY RELAXED IT WAS SCARY! You really helped build my confidence and although I can't claim any mastery over public speaking, I'm further along than I had ever dreamed.
- Stanford, class of 2012

I'm able to apply what I learned from Nancy in everyday conversation when someone asks me about my work in the lab. Most people don't understand specific scientific jargon that’s common in my research, so I prioritize what I hope to explain, and I can easily relate the research in a simplified but effective way. In other words, I've been able to relate to a wider audience now.
- Nick Mascarenhas, Stanford, class of 2012 - Department of Dermatology

I thought that your approach was really great: instead of downplaying the horrors of presentations, you acknowledged them and in doing so reassured me that I was totally normal, that my fears were fairly universal. That really helped. It made me feel that mastering the skill set was a possibility, since most everyone else had the same reservations and issues and nervousness that I did, and they managed to give effective and compelling presentations all the time. In other words, if they could do it, then, possibly, so could I.
- Allison de Gorostiza-Bayani, Stanford, class of 2012